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Early Referral Services

HBT’s Rehabilitation Services provides member employers with comprehensive medical and vocational rehabilitation for their employees on Long Term Disability (LTD). These services also support the employer in the delivery of the collectively bargained Early Intervention and Enhanced Disability Management Programs.

Early Intervention is Key

Rehabilitation can start any time after the employee and their health care provider agree it is medically appropriate. The earlier rehabilitation starts, however, the better. The conversion from a short-term absence to a long term disability rises sharply after 45 days.

Referral Criteria

Rehabilitation Services are available to Employees:

  • entitled to enrolment in the Healthcare Benefit Trust’s LTD Plan
  • with a medical issue that could lead to an LTD claim

Referrals are appropriate if rehabilitation can assist to:

  • shorten or avoid sick leave that has the potential for an LTD claim
  • prevent an LTD claim
  • reduce the duration of an LTD claim
  • return an employee to gainful employment

Referrals are accepted from employees, employers, and union representatives.

How to Make a Referral

Please note you must have Adobe Reader installed in order to access the PDF forms. You can fill these forms electronically and save, print or attach to email.

1. Complete the following Rehabilitation Services forms:

Healthcare Employers

CSSEA Employers

2. Fax or email forms

Submit Completed Forms to:


Phone: 1.855.787.0691