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All eligible employees must be enrolled in the Benefit Plan and their personal information including dependent information, if applicable, must be kept current in order to ensure coverage. Compliance in reporting is the responsibility of the employer and failure to report may affect coverage.

Enrolling Employees

Detailed instructions on how to enrol employees are available in the Administration Manual (Enrolment section). Employers can also rely on the Enrolment team to answer questions or to obtain more information on any aspect of the enrolment process. Call our dedicated line on 1.877.678.6449 to talk with one of our Client Consultants.

Enrolment Benefit Identification Number

For all employers, the first step in enrolling an employee is obtaining a Benefit Identification Number from HBT. This number is a unique identifier that ensures confidentiality of personal information throughout the lifecycle of benefit administration.

To get a Benefit Identification Number for a new employee or, if you have any enrolment questions, call our dedicated line on 1.877.678.6449 to talk with a Client Consultant in Enrolment.