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Benefit Services

At HBT we deliver a wide range of services to employers and their employees. The scope of these services varies depending on the targeted group - groups that fall within the provisions of the Provincial Collective Agreements or, the Excluded Group (i.e. management support staff), who fall outside of these agreements.

Provincial Collective Agreements

Provincial bargaining defines the scope of Benefit provisions to be delivered by HBT to covered health-care employees. The Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) and the Community Social Services Employer Association (CSSEA) negotiate the Benefit provisions within the collective agreements - not HBT.

In preparation for bargaining, HBT provides HEABC and other relevant stakeholders with Benefit information as well as pertinent data and statistics. At bargaining time, HBT provides further analysis, rates calculation and expert guidance to assist in the decision process.

Once the agreement is signed by all parties, HBT assumes responsibility for all aspects of the implementation process for the negotiated Benefit Plan. HBT’s responsibilities include:

  • Re-designing the Benefit Plan in accordance with the newly negotiated Benefits
  • Informing HBT's Service Providers Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) and Great-West Life (GWL) about new terms, conditions and business rules to apply
  • Producing new Benefit Plan packages for employers
  • Updating data in HBT’s administrative systems
  • Training HBT Benefit specialists
  • Obtaining any clarification/interpretations necessary on collectively bargained Benefits and applicable business rules from HEABC
  • Providing ongoing Benefit Plan administration support to employers

Excluded Groups

Once a Benefit Plan is selected, HBT manages all aspects of the implementation process as follows:

  • Instructs PBC and GWL about terms, conditions and business rules to apply
  • Produces Benefit Plan packages for all stakeholders
  • Updates data in HBT’s administrative systems
  • Provides ongoing Benefit Plan support to employers

To discuss or review your Benefit Plan design, call 604.736.2087 or toll free at 1.888.736.2087 and ask to talk with one of our Client Consultants in Benefit Administration.