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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a collection of answers to commonly asked questions. Additional resources are available on our website in numerous forms, guidance documents, and procedures & policies.

If you require further assistance, please view our contact list to direct your question to the appropriate email address or staff member.

Claims Administration  ‎(4)
What is a Claims Review Committee (CRC)?
Who is on the CRC?
What if I'm not happy with the CRC decision?
How long does the CRC process take?
Early Retirement Incentive Benefit (ERIB) ‎(6)
What is the ERIB?
Who is eligible for ERIB?
Do I have to accept this offer?
How is my pension calculated?
Will my other Benefits continue if I take ERIB?

What does pensionable service and contributory service mean?
Enrolment ‎(9)
How do I enrol a new employee?
How do I change an employee’s employment status?
Where do I submit the Enrolment/Change/Termination and/or Earnings Spreadsheets?
What is the due date for submitting the monthly Enrolment/Change/Termination and Earnings Spreadsheet to ensure they are on the current month’s invoice?
What if I send my Enrolment and Earnings Spreadsheet after the cut off date?
Where do I find more information about contributory earnings?
Do I need to report contributory earnings for employees on Maternity Leave or employees who are on Leave with Benefits?
Who do I contact if I have issues completing the Enrolment/Change/Termination and/or Earnings Spreadsheets?
When should I report annual earnings on the Earnings Spreadsheet?
Finance ‎(9)
Does HBT offer electronic invoices?
Will I be able to save the electronic invoices to my own computer?
How many historical months will be available to view through the electronic invoice site?
How is the invoice amount calculated?
When will I receive an invoice?
Will both the Summary and Detailed invoices be sent together?
What is the Account Number?
What is the invoice number?
What happens if I don't agree with the invoiced amount?
Group Benefits ‎(11)
Can a regular employee opt out of certain Benefits?
What are the effective dates of coverage?
Is there a time limit for enrolling in Dental and Extended Health?
What are the effective dates of terminations?
Are Casual employees eligible for Benefit coverage?
Is dual coverage allowed?
What actions should you take when an employee's coverage ends due to termination of employment or retirement?
What actions should you take when an employee begins an unpaid leave and ceases to be eligible for employer paid Benefits?
Can employees opt out of certain Benefits while on an unpaid leave?
What coverage entitlement do employees who are age 65 and over have?

How far back can you request a credit for retroactive changes?
Rehabilitation Services ‎(7)
What is the Healthcare Benefit Trust’s commitment to rehabilitation?
What is my Rehabilitation Plan?
What is the role of the union in my rehabilitation?
How confidential is my medical information?
When would my medical information be released to another party?
Where can I find more information?
Where does the money come from for Rehabilitation Services?